Monday, August 21, 2017

End of the retreat and other things

We dont have good wifi so i cant post as much but here are the pictures from the last day of the retreat 

 This guy did a really good job

 20,000 books

 End of the retreat
 Off with there heads


Hiking trip
Ant hill

They look small from up here
  40ft tower
 55 miles to the horizon
 After we got back from hiking I went fishing

 The only bite I got. 18in 4lb bass the biggest fish I ever got
This is all I have for now hopefully I will have more later this week


  1. That church was beautiful! Where was it? Nice fish, btw.


    1. It's the main chapel at Maundline. I'm not sure if I spelled that right). I know it looks like a Church, but our schedule said it was a chapel. There didn't seem to be a Confessional. I looked everywhere for one, the two times I was in there, but I couldn't find one.