Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Amazon description

The laugh of the day.

I needed a tuxedo for when I join the 4th degree in the KofC so we looked on amazon and this is the description we found.  

Product description

There...we said it! However, the term "good value" is really what what we are all looking for, and that is exactly what you will find if you purchase this tux. You will find a very well made product for a very reasonable price. If you call that "cheap" then so be it.

What kind of guy buys this tuxedo?
Smart Guy. You don't have to be a genius to realize that you could actually BUY a tuxedo for less than the price of renting an old used tuxedo. Anyway, have you ever stopped to think about where a rental tuxedo was the night before? Think prom or groom on his wedding night. Need we say more. We say rent your bowling shoes, but buy your tuxedo.
Regular Guy. Do you pay top dollar for the latest fashion styles? Is your personal adage "slim is in"? If so, this is NOT your tuxedo. This tuxedo is more for the guy that doesn't see the point in wearing a suit that is 2 sizes too small on him so he can have the latest "look" for the next six months. A modern fit falls between a slim fit and a classic fit. Modern fit means it is not cut as snug as a slim fit, but also not as boxy as a classic fit.
Prime Guy. You know who you are. Is it Wednesday and you have a wedding to attend this weekend and no tux? If you are one of those Amazon Prime addicted dudes that is used to ordering everything from toilet paper to suntan lotion last minute because you know you will get it in 2 days, then THIS IS YOUR TUXEDO.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day

We buried some pipe and wire for the pool

The rainbow doesn't show up on here

Road hog. he was literally bigger then the road. Then he didn't stop at the stop sign I did and the guy behind me started honking at me for stopping at a stop sign
Homemade butter

About 3000 shakes and it turns into butter

Monday, May 29, 2017

Hiking at Gibraltar Rock and Ice age trail

 This was in our neighbors woods 
 Gibraltar Rock

 Good view  

 My uncles dog 

 aunt and uncles

 This tree is growing out of the rock, and that's Stephens leg 

 Rattlesnake on the ice age trail 
 It was 4.5 foot long 
that's all for now 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Most of Saturdays work

I started off the day by cutting hay

Lots of dandelion seeds there was about 6" by the time I was done.
Close up, lots of bugs in the dandelion seeds
Number one of two turkeys I hit in the hay field
I found its nest. The second one had 3 eggs survive. Now we are going to try hatching them
I put a new exhaust pipe on my truck
New door handle
I also planted sweet corn. And i helped a friend fix his 6 wheeler. I didn't get any pictures tho  

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

2 second Video

Sorry I haven't had stuff to post lately . But here's it is Stephen doing a backflip. I know William S. really wanted to see this. 
Hopefully I will have more to post in the next few days or so.
God bless all.